Available Programs

Bellingham Underwrites focuses on the commercial transportation industry and those that are in the business of supporting it. Below you will find further information on all the programs we currently have to offer.


Bellingham Underwriters takes pride in the fact that all transportation classes are eligible for our program. We firmly believe that rates shouldn't be based on what's in the back of the truck but who is driving it and the conditions they are driving in.

Our Trucking program is specifically designed to handle all coverages a trucker on the road might need. We want to help you create a package policy that includes great customer service from the inital set up of the application through the life of the policy. Our goal is to provide you with a consistent product at a consistent price, keeping your insureds happy for many years.

Specialty Auto

Starting out as a program designed for the towing industry, our Specialty Auto program now includes almost any form of transportation business that isn't truck for hire. Based on our trucking program concept that it's not what the insured is hauling but who is driving and where they are headed that dictates exposure, we are able to offer competitive rates on a wide variety of classes. We find that not for hire transportation risks tend to fit our target business model based on the nature of operations alone. This results in the best price possible for your client.

Repair Services

This program is designed to target the independent repair facility that focuses primarily on commercial vehicles. This can take the form of repair to trucks from medium to heavy, tractors and trailers, contractor’s equipment, and dry land marine. We are looking to write a complete package policy that covers all aspects of the shop whether on the premises or making repairs off site.

In addition to the standard coverage, we have also made the Auto Repair Services Coverage enhancement available. This form is specific to Garages and includes coverage for Employee Dishonesty, Fire Department Service Charge, Money Orders, Counterfeit Currency, Outdoor Property, Outdoor Signs, Employee Tools, and more. We hope the addition of this endorsement makes it even easier to meet your insured's needs on a single policy.

Access to this program is easy, just complete the form on the New Appointment page. Be sure to answer yes to receive a garage application so you can submit your business right away.

Forest Products

Bellingham Underwriters knows Timber. We have been creating package policies for forest product businesses from day one. Our ability to understand how the industry and those within it work gives us a better opportunity to offer the coverage your insured requires. Whether a one man operation or a much larger sawmill company, we are here to help.


Introducing Arrowhead’s ambulance program, managed by our commercial transportation experts at Bellingham Underwriters. We specialize in private and for-profit emergency and non-emergency ambulance companies, providing a full package of the coverages you need to write this growing class of business.