Bellingham Underwriters takes pride in the fact that all transportation classes are eligible for our program. We firmly believe that rates shouldn't be based on what's in the back of the truck but who is driving it and the conditions they are driving in.

Our Trucking program is specifically designed to handle all coverages a trucker on the road might need. We want to help you create a package policy that includes great customer service from the inital set up of the application through the life of the policy. Our goal is to provide you with a consistent product at a consistent price, keeping your insureds happy for many years.

Eligible Classes

While all classes of transportation business are eligible for our program, BUI has the greatest success with a particular category of risk.

An Ideal Risk for our program:
  • Has been in business for a minimum of 3 years
  • Is a local to intermediate hauler
  • Utilizes experienced drivers with clean records
  • Drives familiar routes
  • Routes are on roads with either low catastrophic or low frequency potential.

Coverages Available:
  • Auto Liability
  • Physical Damage
  • General Liability
  • Motor Truck Cargo
  • Contractor’s Equipment
  • Excess Liability

Examples of Target Risks

  • Owner Operator Auto carrier hauling from auctions to dealers for hire. Risk has two trucks but one unit operates as a backup. Coverage Written: Auto Liability, Physical Damage and General Liability
  • Local carrier hauling sand, gravel and asphalt with 3 transfer trucks, a water truck and a dump truck. Drivers are a clean 44 year old and a 46 year old with two points. Coverage Written: Auto Liability
  • A 54 year old owner operator with two points running a mixed operation hauling refrigerated juice in bulk and fresh ag in bins. Risk has one tractor and 16 trailers for the variety of work. Coverage Written: Auto Liability, Physical Damage and Cargo
  • Oversize Overweight equipment hauler running locally within the state of California using one vehicle as a backup for contractual purposes. Risk has experienced a shock loss over three years ago and the driver is 66 with one point. Coverage Written: Auto Liability, Physical Damage and Cargo


The Trucking Program may be written only if all garaging locations are within the following states:

More Information

If you are not yet appointed with Bellingham Underwriters and want to gain access to all we have to offer, take a look at our About Us page for details on what we look for in a prospective producer. If this sounds like you, please complete our brief agency application to get started. After you log in, you’ll be able to continue the appointment process. At BUI, it’s important to us to develop a solid relationship with our partner producers so we look forward to learning more about you!



  • BUI Trucking-Non-Fleet Application
  • Mileage Pro Rate (sch. B)
  • Current MVRs for all driver
  • Currently valued Loss runs for the prior four years
  • Copy of Brokerage and/or Sub-haul Contract (if applicable)
  • Any and all applicable Supplemental Coverage applications

Trucking-Fleet (5 or more power units)

  • BUI Trucking Fleet Application
  • Vehicle Schedule
  • Mileage Pro Rate (Sched. B)
  • Drivers list including DOB & DOH
  • Current MVRs for all drivers
  • List of all terminal locations if more than one terminal
  • Currently valued loss runs for the prior four years
  • Copy of brokerage and/or sub-haul contract (if applicable)
  • Current Financial statement (required on all accounts with more than 25 power units)
  • Any and all applicable Supplemental Coverage applications


  • BUI Non-Fleet Auto Application
  • BUI Fleet Auto Application
  • BUI ACORD Supplemental Application
  • BUI New Venture Supplemental
  • BUI Renewal Application
  • Hazardous Materials Supplemental
  • Hired and Non Owned Supplemental
  • Truckers General Liability Supplemental

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    Dry Van

    While local to intermediate haulers are the target class, coverage can be provided for long haul on a dedicated route.



    Augment auto liability with contractor’s equipment to create a package that also covers tools used to load and unload the flatbed.



    Beyond fulfilling UIIA insurance requirements, compliance with many individual port contracts is also possible.