Specialty Auto - Taxis & Town Cars

A very competitive program for owner-operater companies working outside of congested urban areas.

Starting out as a program designed for the towing industry, our Specialty Auto program now includes almost any form of transportation business that isn't truck for hire. Based on our trucking program concept that it's not what the insured is hauling but who is driving and where they are headed that dictates exposure, we are able to offer competitive rates on a wide variety of classes. We find that not for hire transportation risks tend to fit our target business model based on the nature of operations alone. This results in the best price possible for your client.

Eligible Classes

This program is designed primarily for risks that involve trucks with a specific non-transport function or specialty vehicles for specific passenger services:

Specialty Equipment
  • Street sweepers or vacuums
  • Tow trucks with axle lifts or tilt beds
  • Tow trucks with hoist cranes
  • Armored car service
  • Fire department vehicles
  • Truck driver training programs with and without assists

Passenger Exposures
  • Funeral director’s hearse
  • Rural taxis with capacity of less than nine passengers
  • Medical transport for non-emergency services

Examples of Target Risks

  • Father son towing operation hauling light and medium vehicles for hire with a single tow truck. Risk only tows at the request of the vehicle owner. Both father and son maintain clean class C drivers’ licenses. Coverage Written: Auto Liability, Physical Damage and On Hook Coverage
  • Non-Emergency Medical Transport company working mainly under contract. Risk has a single van with a wheelchair lift and restraints. Coverage Written: Auto Liability
  • A body shop specializing in light and medium vehicles; All employees are able to drive the tow truck used for picking up vehicles for repairs. Coverage Written: Auto Liability, Physical Damage and On Hook Coverage
  • Taxi company located and working locally in Rural Alaska. 1 Suburban and 1 Van with a 4 passenger limit are used for all types of calls except emergencies. Coverage Written: Auto Liability


The Specialty Auto program may be written only if all garaging locations are within the following states:

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Specialty Auto

Specialty Auto (non trucking commercial auto risks)

  • BUI Specialty Auto Application
  • Current MVRs for all drivers
  • Complete Vehicle & Equipment Schedule
  • Currently valued loss runs for the prior four years
  • Complete description of Insured's operations

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Specialty Auto

Armored Car Service

The dedicated routes of specialty cash in transit vehicles used to transport valuables results in a better rate for this class.

Specialty Auto

Tow Trucks

A custom cargo form allows a package policy to be created for voluntary towing operations with special on-hook coverage.

Specialty Auto

Snow Plows

Not only for snow plow fleets, this is a valuable option for the owned truck that adds a snow removal blade for wintertime use.