Property & Casualty

Claims for Property & Casualty are handled by National Claims Management, a third party administrator who are specialists in all aspects of these claims our programs. They have been the exclusive     P & C adjusting firm for Bellingham Underwriters for more than fifteen years and are highly knowledgeable in all facets of trucking and timber industry losses.

In order for NCM to provide the best claims service possible, they request that all losses be reported to them by the insured’s agent. Often an insured has liability coverage with Bellingham Underwriters but has placed their physical damage, cargo coverage, or umbrella elsewhere. They may have physical damage on some vehicles and not on others. The insured may have little or no policy information at the ready that would enable National Claims to confirm coverage and expedite the claims process but this is something the agent can provide. Except for an emergency situation the Insured should not file a claim directly with National Claims.

Upon receipt of a notice of loss, National Claims will immediately assign a field adjuster or appraiser to handle the claim on the insured’s behalf. The agent will be sent an Acknowledgement of Claim including contact information for the adjuster assigned to manage the loss.

In addition to adjusting routine losses, National Claims specialties include:

  • Litigation Management for catastrophic injury investigation and coordination, independent evaluation, and personal representation at depositions, mediation, arbitration, settlement conferences and trials.
  • A Total Loss Department that documents fair market value of totaled vehicles, controls storage costs and obtains the highest salvage return possible.
  • Aggressive pursuit of Subrogation against responsible parties for payments that are owed to our insureds. When aggressive pursuit is not enough, they litigate.

Contact NCM

National Claims Management
P.O Box 2109
Lake Oswego, OR 97035

Phone: 503-636-1266 or 800-433-6466
Fax: 503-636-1605


Workers' Compensation

Claims for Workers’ Compensation are managed by workplace injury specialists at QBE Specialty. A notice of injury resulting in medical expenses or loss time can be reported by the agent, the employer, or the employee themselves.

On loss time claims the employer, injured worker and physician will be contacted by the adjuster within 24-48 hours.

On medical only claims there will only be contact with the employer if additional information is needed. Otherwise the file will remain open for 90 days to pay medical bills.

Please remember to:

  • Report all claims as soon as you become aware of an accident or the potential for a claim.
  • Indicate if the injured worker has returned to work.
  • List all contact numbers for the employer as well as the injured worker. Also provide cell phone numbers if available.
  • Provide a detailed description of the injury noting the specific body parts involved.