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Are you a Producer?

Bellingham Underwriters is always open to developing a good relationship with new retail partners. Does your agency approach fit? Ask yourself the following questions to find out:

  • Are you looking for a long term stable product with an "A" rated admitted carrier?
  • Do your agents know and understand their clients and the business being submitted?
  • Do you do the research to be able to provide complete and accurate information on all risks?
  • Is a better overall product more important to you than the cheapest price?
  • Do you have a desire to work with knowledgeable and flexible underwriters instead of just a binding authority?
  • Are you willing to collaborate with our underwriters to write business rather than just submitting risks for quoting?
  • Is the majority of the business you target eligible for our program?

If you share our desire to write, keep and maintain profitable business, you may be an ideal candidate. After creating an account, please send your completed agency questionnaire to