Submission Requirements

Below are the applications and requirements for submissions. Please note, Bellingham Underwriters only accepts submissions from currently appointed producers. If you are not yet appointed, please visit our About Us Page before submitting an application.



    • BUI Trucking-Non-Fleet Application
    • Mileage Pro Rate (sch. B)
    • Current MVRs for all driver
    • Currently valued Loss runs for the prior four years
    • Copy of Brokerage and/or Sub-haul Contract (if applicable)
    • Any and all applicable Supplemental Coverage applications

    Trucking-Fleet (5 or more power units)

    • BUI Trucking Fleet Application
    • Vehicle Schedule
    • Mileage Pro Rate (Sched. B)
    • Drivers list including DOB & DOH
    • Current MVRs for all drivers
    • List of all terminal locations if more than one terminal
    • Currently valued loss runs for the prior four years
    • Copy of brokerage and/or sub-haul contract (if applicable)
    • Current Financial statement (required on all accounts with more than 25 power units)
    • Any and all applicable Supplemental Coverage applications


  • BUI Non-Fleet Auto Application
  • BUI Fleet Auto Application
  • BUI ACORD Supplemental Application
  • BUI New Venture Supplemental
  • BUI Renewal Application
  • Hazardous Materials Supplemental
  • Hired and Non Owned Supplemental
  • Truckers General Liability Supplemental

    Specialty Auto

    Specialty Auto (non trucking commercial auto risks)

    • BUI Specialty Auto Application
    • Current MVRs for all drivers
    • Complete Vehicle & Equipment Schedule
    • Currently valued loss runs for the prior four years
    • Complete description of Insured's operations

    Forest Products

    Logging & Lumbering Risks (GL only)

    • BUI Loggers General Liability Application
    • BUI Loggers General Liability Renewal
    • BUI Blasting Questionnaire (if applicable)
    • BUI Slash Burning Questionnaire (if applicable)
    • Currently Valued Loss Runs for the prior four years

    Repair Services

    Garage Liability

    • Garage Liability Application
    • Vehicle Schedule

    Workers' Compensation

    Truckers Worker's Compensation

    • Completed Acord 130
    • BUI Workers Compensation supplemental
    • Overview of Insured operations
    • Current Experience Modifier Worksheet
    • Currently Valued Loss runs for the prior three to five years
    • Current drivers list including DOB and DOH
    • MVRs on all employees who are drivers
    • Current Vehicle Schedule with detailed trailer descriptions
    • Financials
    • Current Schedule B mileage pro rate or last four quarterly IFTA reports if an interstate hauler.

    *Bellingham Zenith is not targeting any risk that :

    • Is written on large deductible or SIR basis (all first dollar writings)
    • Has been insured in a PEO during the past 2 years
    • Uses leased owner-operators or sub-haulers unless they have verifiable WC coverage in place (Occupational/Accident coverage is not an acceptable substitute for work comp)
    • Is a New Venture
    • With a gap in coverage in the prior 3 years


  • BU Workers Comp Supplemental

    Ambulance Submission Requirements


    • Current valued loss runs for prior 4 years valued within 60 days of submission
    • Current vehicle lists with year, make, VIN, value, passenger capacity and usage
    • Drivers list to include date of hire and certifications and/or safety programs completed (where applicable)
    • Current MVRs for all vehicle operators
    • Inland marine schedule